One question I’m often asked is “which tyre is best for my 4WD?” (usually followed by “how do I get my wife to agree we should spend money on new tyres”).

Before making a recommendation, I always want to know what type of driving you predominantly do? Is most of your driving done on city roads, dropping kids at school and acting as a taxi-service to their many activities, only getting off-road for the occasional weekend camping trip? Or are you planning a touring holiday that involves a decent amount of blacktop and some off-roading. Then your best choice is a good quality all-terrain tyre.

I prefer to use light truck tyres for additional strength and stability when using low tyre pressures. My choice in all terrain tyres is hands down BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2. These seem to handle the additional loads on our cars when touring and camping, as well as giving good grip in all conditions and road types, although I’m constantly telling my wife to slow down in the wet as they have less surface area contact with the road and can slip easier than normal road tyres. They also do very well when run at low pressures.


Another choice would have to be the Cooper S/T Maxx.  While I have found this to be an excellent tyre, it doesn’t seem to handle the heavy loads as well as the BF Goodrich all terrain T/A KO2s.

If the above 2 options are out of your price range, a more cost-effective option is the Hankook Dynapro AT-m (RF10).  If your 4WD spends more time on road than off road, these should definitely be something to consider.

Choosing the right tyre is, in my opinion, the most important modification you can make to your 4WD or SUV. Remember – they are the only connection to the ground you have.

Want to talk to an actual expert that lives and breathes 4WD tyres?  Peter from Stafford Tyre and Auto will solve all of your tyre needs.

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