As much as we do not want them, a good quality set of roof bars to hold a basket, flat rack or pod (if that’s what you’re into), is an absolute must for touring.

You really need to look at the specific loads that can be carried and be able to trust the people installing the system. You would be surprised the amount of weight people normally strap to the top of their vehicles.

That said, it is still best to only strap down light equipment to the roof. Things like swags and mattresses work best here.


Believe it or not, these things can and do fail. I have had a roof rail come loose on corrugated roads in Cape York causing a roof top tent to start moving around. An emergency fix allowed me to limp home without any further damage and a quick trip to Roof Racks Galore at Kedron provided a long term fix that has lasted quite a few years (including a Simpson Desert crossing) without any further modifications.

It is definitely best not to underestimate your roof racks. It might not be the most fun modification, however, most of us are guilty of using and abusing these every time we are camping or touring. If they fail, it makes for an interesting time, to say the least. Believe me when I say trying to secure a roof top tent with a loose roof bar somewhere like Cape York is not an experience I wish to ever repeat in my life (although it did help me convince my wife that upgrading the roof system was money well spent).

Get exploring!