I had a fellow parent the other day, ask if anyone else dreaded feeling the cooler change in weather because it meant they were about to lose all their weekends to kids’ sport.  “Nup” I replied. “Cannot relate sorry”.  After a childhood of weekends spent between swimming carnivals and lifesaving practice I wanted something different for my kids.  That’s why the change of weather in our household means something entirely different – namely Touring Season!  The excitement in our house at this time of year is palpable.  Our weekends from now until the end of the year (depending on COVID and lockdowns and this new normal we are all getting used to of course) will consist of this:

Bon Fire
Bon Fire 02

And this:

Waterfall 02

And if we are really lucky, even a bit of this:

Car Camp

For the record, our kids do sport but we have always ‘encouraged’ them to choose sports that can be done through the week (like martial arts, swimming, trampolining and dancing).

I have to pinch myself everyday that I get to explore this amazing country with my awesome family by my side.