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Packing list for everyday camping

  • Tent/swag etc (including pegs)
  • Pillows, sleeping bag, sheets
  • Chairs, tables
  • Everyday medicine and emergency medicine for everybody in the car (including first aid kit)
  • Food for trip and spare food (just in case) and a way to cook and store (esky, fridge, pans, bbqs etc)
  • Water and additional water
  • Permits/licences required where you are going
  • Basic tools, hammer, few screwdrivers, hatchet/axe, duct tape, electrical tape, rope
  • A way to charge your phone (in case of emergency)
  • Some emergency items, space blanket, water treatment system (eg life straw), signal mirror and whistle, fire stick
  • Additional items for more remote camping
    • Access to sat phone/HR radio and know how to use it
    • UHF radio (CB) is an absolute must
    • Additional water, food, fuel rations as well as some spare parts for car (ie fuel filter, oil, basic hoses or a way to repair existing)
    • A more comprehensive tool kit, even if you do not know how to use all of it, a passer by might)
    • A second spare tyre
    • An air compressor

Car prep checklist

  • Before trip
    • Full mechanical check including all fluids and lights
    • Check tyres, including spare
    • Check roof racks are in good working order
  • Day of trip
    • Check oil and water levels, including water jets
    • Check air pressure in tyres including spare
    • Do a walk around of car looking at overall of vehicle
    • Check head lights, tail lights and trailer lights

Essential items to keep in your car for any camping trip

  • Life straw/water purification device
  • Lighters/matches and fire stick (best to have all of these)
  • Spare blanket
  • Signal mirror and whistle
  • Multitool/knife (both ideally)

It works well to have these in a small back pack that is easy to grab.  You can even take it with you if you go for a walk, just in case.

Packing your 4WD

  • Put all your heavy items as low as possible and on the rear axle or in front of it (this is tricky in a dual cab ute), things like fridges, eskies and water
  • Generally swags and other large bulky but light stuff works well on the roof rack just make sure it is waterproof (and facing backwards if driving on dusty roads)
  • Food, clothes etc can be packed around heavy items to stop them moving
  • Pillows, blankets etc and other light items that are not water proof can then go on top of everything to also aid it in not moving